MadeWest Brewery Co. – Ventura, CA

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Wavelength Brewery – Vista, CA

“I didn’t choose the dark beer life, the dark beer life chose me.” – Me

I currently live in San Diego and have for the past 4-years so that kinda explains why I am into craft beer (The main reason is because I love the taste of beer, but just writing that makes me sound like an alcoholic, you see).

I live in the mecca of craft beer anddddd it doesn’t help that my boyfriend brews beer, too. Our weekends are typically filled with visiting new breweries in town, heading to our local watering hole, or some brewery anniversary. So much beer, what to do!?

We also make trips often to Santa Barbara to visit our families and of course, we stop by breweries on the way. With that being said,  I’m tired of trying to remember the breweries and the beer so I will be logging those here.