The newest business to join the North County brewery boom is Burgeon Beer Company. Located near the Palomar Airport, the facility is pretty large – divided into a tasting room and a 15-barrel brew system.

I kinda felt like I was in a friend’s backyard BBQ which is great. There were benches, large tables for families, and enough greenery to make the place feel fresh and outdoorsy. Overall, the space was friendly and the beer was good.

The Brewery


EST. 2016



Here is my delicious flight of tasters. From left to right is the Moo Moo Farm Milk Stout, Burl Nut Brown, Dutchman’s Pipe Imperial Stout, and last, Sapling Rye Amber.

Burgeon Beer Co 1

Moo Moo Farm Milk Stout

Anything with the words milk and stout I will devour so I was really excited to try this one, especially after reading it has dark chocolate notes, too. However, I tasted a lot of toastiness but not much chocolate coffee.

Burl Nut Brown Ale

If you ever need something semi-sweet and low alcohol, this Burl Nut Brown is the way to go. It has a beautiful caramel color and a nice malty taste, but not enough of the nutty taste.

Dutchman’s Pipe Imperial Stout

Beautifully dark and lightly bitter, this beer is great for strong stout lovers. It is nicely balanced with chocolate and toastiness and it is why this is the best beer here.

Sapling Rye Amber

Another word I look for in the beer title is rye. Rye’s tend to be mildly spicy and sour yet not too bitter and ambers are known for their slight hoppiness. Together, the rye curves the ambers hoppiness, providing a nice little kick at the end if done right. For me, the Sapling was a wee-bit rye-e. It was more sour and bitter thank anything so I believe it should just drop the amber in the title.


The beer at Burgeon is ok. There isn’t a beer that you can’t find at other breweries and perhaps better.

It’s a fairly new brewery that opened at the end of last year and they are figuring out what beers work and don’t. I know by the time I am ready to make another stop here I will be more impressed, maybe.




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